Cat Cravings™ freeze-dried chiecken breast

Cat Cravings™ freeze-dried chiecken breast

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Cat Cravings cat treats are made from 100% fresh chicken breast. Product of Canada, freeze-dried in Canada. These pure cat treats are small pieces of chicken, perfect for cats. Smaller sized dogs love these too and they are perfect as a training treat! The texture is soft and easy to bite for a cat. In comparing with a dehydrated product, the weight of a freeze-dried product is much lighter, and a softer texture. Therefore this 35g package actually contains a lot of volume!


  • Pure chicken breast, freeze-dried
  • Great aroma and taste, highly attractive to dogs and cats
  • High in protein, low in fat and full of nutrients
  • Grain free, nothing added, single ingredient
  • No Preservatives, Additives, Hormones or Colours

35 g