SPOT® Play Strong Rubber Bone 4,5

SPOT® Play Strong Rubber Bone

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Specially designed for the strongest chewers, the Spot Play Strong Rubber Trident for Dogs is made of heavy duty rubber that's virtually indestructible!

These floating toys are perfect for lively games of fetch and catch. The hollow center is perfect for stuffing with peanut butter or your dog's favorite treats for a special reward.

  • Virtually indestructible rubber dog toy
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Hollow center holds treats or peanut butter
  • Small : 4,5"
  • Medium : 5,5"
  • Large : 6,5"


Congratulations ! Your dog has chewed through one of our Play Strong TM Toys. He/she is a beast, a group measuring less than 1% of dogs in America! Play Strong TM toys are extremely durable, but we know that some dogs have more aggressive chewing styles than others. We are happy to send you a full, one-time refund if you are unhappy with the way our product held up against your dog. Taking advantage of the guarantee is simple: just fill out the form and follow the instructions for mailing.

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