BBQ BarkBone® nylon dog chew toy

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BBQ BarkBone® Nylon Dog Chews Toys are made with the Essence of BBQ.

No colorants, no flavorings, no additives. They’re hefty bones, generous in size. BarkBones are curved making them easy to pick up and even easier for a dog to hold. They’re natural looking and feeling. Wait till Spot gets a whiff of these!

BarkBone chews are made from pure nylon and BBQ essence! The two ingredients are blended into the most durable, safe and tasty dog chew bones!

All BarkBone components are sourced in the USA! Non-toxic, non-allergenic, FDA-compliant and safe for your dog!

Sizes : 

Large (recommended for dogs up to 55 lbs)

X-Large (recommended for dogs up to 80 lbs)  

Made in USA