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Dog Auto Harness™ Secure Comfort

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Everything 18 minutes, a car accident occurs due to a loose pet in a vehicle. 98% of dogs travel unrestrained in a moving vehicle.

It is proven that automotive pet harnesses minimize driver distraction and provide basic protection from impact forces during abrupt stops and vehicle collisions.

The ASPCA dog safety harness is the only harness tested for durability and resistance, the V9DT B2009.1 test, developed by BERGAN.

Three factors are considered for the test.

Maximum recommended dog weight for the harness.

Miles per hour at impact.

The stopping distance of a crash.

Let your dog travel in safety with the ASPCA dog safety harness.

Colors may vary according to stock (Red,Green Army,Blue.)

Small 10-25 lbs

Medium 25-50 lbs

Large 50-80 lbs

XLarge 80-150 lbs