Fidèle dog harness

Fidèle dog harness

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FIDÈLE is a front attachment harness that will make walking your dog way much easier and fun!

It's a no-pull harness with a O ring fixed at your dog's chest so that you can easily clip on your leash.

FIDÈLE harness concept is based on physics, the dog's the center of mass, and prevent from pulling action by putting your dog a little bit off balance when walking or jumping while on a leash.

It's comfortable for you and your dog. FIDÈLE is fully adjustable at 3 strategic places. Made of solid field tested materials, FIDÈLE comes in black in 5 sizes which will fit all dogs, no matter the size or breed.?

  • X-Small ( 0-4 pds )

  • Small ( 5-15 pds )

  • Medium ( 15-45 pds )

  • Large ( 45-65 pds )

  • X-Large ( 65 + pds)