RESCUE stress relief formula

RESCUE stress relief formula

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The RESCUE (emergency remedy) is an original composition of five Bach Flowers developed by Dr. Bach for use in cases of emergency and disruption or when the animal has just undergone or will face a painful or terrifying thing or situation. The RESCUE stops the state of shock and helps recovery. It relieves stress, distress and tension, it brings calm, comfort and relaxation.

It is always interesting to try RESCUE when you don't know what to do, you will often find at least one improvement.

When to use it:

In all types of stressful situations: during visits to the veterinarian or groomer, transport, travel, aggression, injury, accident, shock, trauma, surgery, death or departure of a family member, moving, exposure, farrowing that unfolds bad, when the animal is afraid of loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.)... until the end of life to make it more peaceful. In cases where the animal has to adapt to new environments (boarding house, house, kennel, stable, etc.), to a new owner, to the arrival of a new animal, to the loss of the life companion. It is also useful during desensitization training. 

Available in 30 ml and 50 ml sizes

Composition :

Vegetable glycerin and the following 5 flower extracts:

Star of Bethlehem: The remedy for physical and psychological trauma and shock and their aftermath.

Rock rose: The remedy for terror, panic, hysteria and great fear.

Impatiens: The remedy to treat impatience, irritability, agitation and physical and psychological tension.

Cherry plum: The remedy for loss of control and aggressive reactions.

Clematis: The remedy for the loss of contact with reality, unconsciousness and fainting.

Dosage :

One dose if necessary (the number of drops varies according to the size of the animal) and repeat every five minutes until relief is achieved or a response to treatment is seen.

4 drops: for cats, dogs, rabbits

8 drops: for very large animals such as cows & horses

1 drop: for very small animals such as birds & hamsters

How to administer the RESCUE

On food, a treat, a piece of bread

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