About us

It all started when a wonderful animal came into my life, a dog named Porto. We brought him home too early, at the age of only six weeks, which meant there was a lot he did not have a chance to learn from his mother and siblings. In the hopes of turning him into the best canine citizen possible, we tried several different training methods, some more repressive than others. Unfortunately, these methods only intensified his anxiety and problematic behaviour.

After much research and several unproductive training sessions, I met Mr. Richard Beaudet, an ethologist (someone who studies animal behaviour). After only two sessions, I already knew a lot more about why Porto was behaving the way he was. This fueled my desire to learn more.
Four years later, after taking the five-level training offered by the Alliance Internationale des Intervenants en Comportement animal (AIICA), meeting with ethologists (Richard Beaudet and Michel Chanton) and Dr. Joël Dehasse, a behavioural veterinarian, and succeeding in re-educating Porto, I got the idea to open the Art des Animaux store.

That was only the start of my education. I had the opportunity to learn from renowned dog trainers who shared their constantly updated knowledge of our canine and feline friends. I learned about dog training and behaviour from Jean Lessard, clicker training from Patrick Robert and at the Poule Académie (clicker training with chickens), bird dogging from Djanick Michaud, dog aggression from Debbie Jacob, animal behavior from Dr. Susan Friedman and Chirag Patel during an intensive 6-day seminar in Nice, France, and many others (Marine Cassoret, Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao).

I now know lot more about animal Communication, behavioural problems, sociobiology, aggressiveness, anxiety and the biological and psychological reasons for our pets’ behaviour. I also have a greater understanding of how animals mirror the people who interact with them, which is why it is important to check in with our state of being before intervening.

What better than a street front location to share my expertise and experience with animal lovers! The knowledge I gleaned from my teachers also helps me choose the best products for your cat or dog.

Our mission

L’Art des Animaux is more than just a pet store, it’s a model. An alternative model based on the study of animal behaviour, to ensure the happiness of our pets, who we force to live as we do.

We have a duty to guide our pets. In the L’Art des Animaux model, it’s all about the relationship between human and animal. I made it my mission to help people see the positive benefits of removing rather than imposing constraints on their animals.

After all, as biologist Yves Christensen said: “It’s in trying to understand others that we better understand ourselves.”

Brigitte Tardif, Founder and Owner