My story starts with the arrival of the most important person in my life, my dog Porto. We welcomed him into our home when he was only 6 weeks old. Being weaned so early, Porto missed out on most of the socializing a dog would do with the rest of his litter. With the hope of making him a better dog, we tried several training approaches, sadly some more repressive than others which resulted in a very anxious dog with problematic behaviour.

We met several people and schools who thought they could teach us to handle Porto, but it all resulted in more anxiety. We finally met Dr. Richard Beaudet, ethologist. After two meetings, I was able to understand my dog better.  That's when I wanted to learn more...

Four years later, I was enrolled in a five semester ethology program held by the AIICA.  That is where I met Mr. Richard Beaudet, Mr. Michel Chanton, and Mr. Joël Dehasse, reknown men of the canine world.  I know much more about behavioural problems, sociobioilogy, agressivity and anxiety. I now understand how to intervene with such cases as I am aware that dogs reflect our behaviour.

Throughout my studies, I started to put into practice what I had learnt with Porto. It came as no surpise to me when we had succeeded in re-educating our puppy. I therefore chose to share this knowledge with people and couldn't think of a better way than to open a store.  I chose to help people understand their companions and take care of them through products in which I believe.

L'Art des Animaux is much more than a store, it's a model. An alternative model based on ethological principles for our foured legged friends, friends we confine to our environment and lifestyles. It is our duty to become guides to them, and it is this model in which we believe at L'Art des Animaux. The relationship is the most important and it is with that in mind that I try to show the impact restraints have on our pets.

After all, as biologist Yves Christensen once said: "It is by trying to understand others that we learn about ourselves."

Thank you Porto!

Brigitte Tardif
Brigitte Tardif